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TE Zach Miller cleared for contact

Seattle Seahawks tight end Zach Miller said before practice today that he’s been cleared for full contact and should be ready to go on Sunday against Cincinnati.

Miller was a limited participant in practice on Wednesday, and did not participate in any contact plays during practice.

The Arizona State product missed the Cleveland game due to a concussion he suffered in the first half against the New York Giants, taking a hit to the head by Giants safety Kenny Phillips on a Tavaris Jackson pass over the middle.

Miller had to leave the game, but later returned, only to leave the game again and not play in the second half. Phillip received an unnecessary roughness penalty on the play and was fined $20,000 by the league.

“It’s part of the game,” Miller said. “A few years ago that hit would have been legal. So you can’t fault the defensive guys too much because they’re trying to make plays on the ball. And it’s tough when you change rules to try and adapt and play within the rules.

“I wish it wouldn’t have happened though. Being a tight end and running across the middle and catching those balls, you expect to take quite a few shots every year that you play.”

Miller said he’s had a couple concussions in his career, but not like the one he received a few weeks ago. “It’s not something you want to get, but from everything we know about concussions once you’re healed – and they did a good job here of making sure everything is right before clearing me – but once you’re back, you have the same risk before of anything that’s bad. Once you’re healed up it’s just like anything else, you’re back to normal.”

Miller didn’t enjoy watching his team struggle offensively against Cleveland last week not being able to do anything about it.

“It was definitely frustrating,” Miller said. “It sucks to watch practice and not get a chance to do anything. And it was even worse watching the game. You feel helpless. …I’m feeling good. I’m excited to be back out there, and excited to not have to watch anymore.”

Quarterback Charlie Whitehurst talked to reporters today. Thursdays we usually are allowed to talk to the starting quarterback for Sunday’s game, but with Tarvaris Jackson’s status up in the air, the team did not make him available to the media.

Whitehurst said after watching the film of the Cleveland game he understands he left some plays out on the field.

“There wasn’t a lot of good there,” Whitehurst said. “But you try to take it and learn from it. And then once you do that, you move on and you try to get better from there. There were some things that I think we can work on as a team, and that I can work on as a quarterback. And you try and fix those things, and move onto next week.”