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Carroll: More balance needed on offense

It appears that Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has been reading some of your comments.

Carroll told reporters this afternoon that Seattle will emphasize creating more balance offensively. The Seahawks have thrown the ball 253 times and only ran it 145 times through seven games, which is interesting because one of the reasons Carroll brought in offensive line coach Tom Cable was to create a more physical running style. But so far that has not happened.

“We’ve got to balance out what’s going on, on offense,” Carroll said. “We’ve got to mix the way we like to mix. We liked it a couple weeks ago, and that hasn’t come back to us. And so we’re going to focus real hard on getting that done, and seeing if we can generate the kind of balance that gives you a chance to have a real good attack.”

Carroll said quarterback Tarvaris Jackson came through the game okay, and the plan is that he will start against Dallas this week, although they will continue to closely monitor his reps during practice.

Tight end Cameron Morrah suffered a knee bruise that could affect his availability in practice.

And receiver Mike Williams, who missed Sundays’ game against Cincinnati with a hamstring injury, received treatment and should be okay to practice this week.

Carroll said offensive guard Robert Gallery got banged up during the game, but asked to stay in and made it through the game.

Carroll also addressed the apparent fumble by Andy Dalton that was called an incomplete pass under the tuck rule.

“The way I understand it, once it’s considered a tuck, then it’s a forward pass, regardless of where the ball goes,” Carroll said. “Which it didn’t look like that to any of us – it looked like the ball was released backwards and it was a lateral and it should have been a lost yardage play.”