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Giacomini is not Pinocchio's dad

Since you asked: A couple quick thoughts on the Carpenter-to-guard scenario.

He looks like a natural guard, actually, and seems comfortable with the left-side footwork. The scuttlebutt is that he's a sharp enough kid to handle the change in assignments. As you know, he'll be operating in a more confined space, where he won't face the demands of chasing any edge rushers. If he can keep his pads low and his butt down, he'll be fine. It should be a little easier duty for his first exposure to the NFL regular season.

No, the didn't draft him as a guard, but I don't think that's part of the debate at this point. I wouldn't make too much out of this as a commentary on his future. I think right now, Breno Giacomini's advancement at RT makes him one of the best five healthy linemen. With Gallery likely out, I can see the sense in trying Carpenter at left guard and giving Breno his shot at RT. I think more than anything, they're scraping around to try to find a way to be the best they can this Sunday and they'll worry about future implications later.

Breno's footwork seems to have improved a great deal, and that allows him to be more efficient in using that natural strength. And, yes, he's got some nasty to him. This is not a guy who will allow Darnell Dockett to dig his elbow into his quarterback's throat.

They all will benefit from having an offensive scheme constructed to shield weaknesses, too, which was not the case during the preseason.

In researching a column for tomorrow about the effects of the lockout, it was interesting to note that guys like Carpenter and Moffitt were denied an estimated 1,000 snaps in minicamps and OTAs ... not to mention the 42 scheduled player workouts at the facility.