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Steelers 24, Seahawks 0: Yes, it was as bad as feared

Going into this game at Pittsburgh, Seahawks fans had reason to worry.

The Steelers were wounded after a first-week beating by Baltimore. The game was away from the West Coast, which usually means bad things for the Seahawks. And the Seahawks didn't show great in their opener.

Oh yeah – the Steelers are defending AFC champions.

And really, it all turned out as badly as you imagined with the Steelers winning, 24-0:

1. The Seahawks start slowly – Sure, they put up a good defensive stand to keep Pittsburgh out of the end zone, but all that did was delay the inevitable Steelers touchdown, which gave Pittsburgh a 7-0 lead. That would grow to 17-0 by the half and the Seahawks – just like the first week – found themselves down by more than two TDs.

2. Offense? Uh, what's that? – The Seahawks couldn't get anything going in that first half. QB Tarvaris Jackson had little time, but when he did, he seemed content to dump it off (20 of 29 passes, but just 159 yards). The running game produced little, if anything. The final numbers look bad – 164 total yards, just 31 rushing – and was actually even worse. Marshawn Lynch finished with 11 yards on six carries while Jackson led the team with 12 yards on three carries.

3. Special teams, not so special – They weren't as bad as they were against the 49ers, but they weren't anything special, either. Seattle gave up a 41 yard punt return, which hurt. And Leon Washington didn't make much happen either (one punt return for zero yards, 2 kickoff returns for an average of 19 yards).