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Quick hitters from Carroll presser

Sidney Rice is expected to be a full-go participant in practice, Carroll said. His status for Sunday's game against Arizona, of course, depends on how he tolerates the work and contact.

Carroll opened by acknowledging the "sense of urgency" the team and staff feels after the 0-2 start.

He talked a bit about Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb, and said they considered him strongly when they traded for Charlie Whitehurst, and also somewhat this past off-season. The expense was always an issue in his evaluation.

He said he expects his young offensive line to benefit from facing another Pittsburgh-style 3-4 scheme again against Arizona.

Asked about limited production from Mike Williams and Zach Miller, Carroll said they've had "so few opportunities ... those are the guys who will make our offense come alive ..." When it does, that is.

He said Russell Okung's health is fine now, but he's still only "two-games old" this season after having missed so much time in the preseason with another ankle injury.

Brandon Browner, who struggled against the Steelers quick receivers, should be a better fit against the likes of Larry Fitzgerald. His size was a consideration when he was signed, Carroll said. However, "nobody feels comfortable playing Larry Fitzgerald." He said that Browner's interference call in the end zone was in part due to the fact that he did not get the over-the-top help he was supposed to on that play.

Byron Maxwell is not ready to return to practice, he said, and Mike Robinson is going to try to run a little bit to see where he is. Malcolm Smith is listed as a full returner to practice this week.

He said he thought that Clemons' return from an ankle injury last week "was heroic."

As for Tarvaris Jackson, he said he graded out "solidly," and "he can only go as fast as we allow him to go."