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Curry on demotion "I'm at peace."

Seattle Seahawks linebacker Aaron Curry talked to reporters this afternoon about his recent demotion to second-team, outside linebacker. After being frustrated with the team’s decision last week, Curry said he’s accepted his fate, but still will continue to work hard to get back out on the field.

“I’m at peace,” he said. “I have a complete piece of mind right now. I’m feeling blessed. I’m taking this trial that I have and just capitalizing on it.

“Frustration was last week. I was a little caught off guard, so of course naturally my response was just to be frustrated. But I’m so at peace right now. I don’t know how to explain it to you.”

Curry went on to say he’s at peace because he’s leaned on his faith to help deal with the situation.

“I’m at peace because I know through Jesus Christ my savior that this trial is here for a reason,” Curry said. “And I’m going to gain something so much bigger from it than anything that we can explain.”

Curry explained how he felt on Sunday this way: “At the beginning, I was just kind of like, ‘Okay, I know my role, I’m going to go out there and do it.’ And towards the end, I was just pretty much in the same mindset. I had my role and I did it. I got some plays on defense, and I went out there and played. So I was kind of just there.” Curry also talked about his interaction with fans on Twitter and the rumors swirling about him potentially being traded.

“Everybody was notifying me that I was in this situation of being on the trading block,” Curry said. “People were telling me – I mean these were fans from all types of teams – were telling me that I was on the trading block. So it was interesting just seeing everybody’s comments and being able to interact with people.

“My thing is, I don’t want to get on there and Superstar anybody. So when people say, ‘Hey, you would look good in this jersey,’ I laugh at them and say ‘Hey, that’s cool,’ next question and look to the next person.

Curry said that no one within the organization has told him he’s being shopped around the league.

“The people that make the decision on trades, signing and cuts, they haven’t called me or told me,” Curry said.

So does he expect to remain with Seattle?

“That’s in the hands of the people upstairs,” Curry said. “Whoever is making all of the roster adjustments and all that stuff – that’s up to them.”

And does Curry want to remain with Seattle next season?

“I want to be where I have the best shot to get better at my future,” Curry said. “And be able to contribute to a team’s success.”

Curry talked about the fact that the Seahawks have tried him at several different positions during his three-year tenure with the team, which at times has affected his development.

“The only time all the roles are tough when they’re all in the same game,” Curry said. “We had a game last year where I played SAM linebacker, off the ball, on the ball. I played nose tackle. I played defensive end. So I mean when it’s all that in one game, it’s a unique situation. But when we go into a game and we’re just playing off-the-ball, SAM linebacker, then it’s a lot easier than having to know each position on the defense.”

And he also addressed the reason for restructuring his contract earlier this season.

“It was an interesting proposal,” he said. “And it was kind of like, everything happens for a reason, and you don’t really know the reason behind everything. But I just took it and ran with it. If I was a money-hungry guy, I would’ve handled the situation differently, but I’m not. I’m about playing football, and I’m about winning.”