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Ex-scout unimpressed with Hawks' QB options

I talked with former NFL Scout Dave Razzano recently about the Seattle Seahawks quarterback situation. As always, Razzano offered some interesting opinions on Seattle’s recent moves.

Charlie Whitehurst and Tarvaris Jackson will compete for the starting job, with Seattle letting veteran Matt Hasselbeck move on and sign with Tennessee in free agency.

Razzano is a former NFL Scout who has over 22 years of professional scouting experience, working in the personnel department for NFC West teams San Francisco, Arizona and St. Louis. In short, Razzano doesn’t like Seattle’s options, and believes they would have been better served drafting a young quarterback in this year’s daft.

“Andy Dalton and Colin Kaepernick, those are some pretty good players,” he said. “You know you need a good quarterback and they had their chances, so they have confidence in somebody. And it’s got to be Whitehurst. So they’re really flipping a coin. They’re throwing a dart right now a little bit in my estimation. So I don’t know. There’s a lot of question marks.”

Razzano believes he’s seen enough of Jackson in Minnesota to know that he’s not the answer in Seattle.

“Tarvaris Jackson has never been an instinctive, natural quarterback,” Razzano said. “He’s not a natural passer. He’s an arm thrower. Again, he’s got a cannon, but he’s always been erratic.

“And you can question his football acumen with all the mistakes he’s made. He keeps making the same mistakes – that’s why he would play a little bit, and then he’d end up getting benched; he’d lose his job. He struggles with the mental part.”

And on Charlie Whitehurst, Razzano had this to say: “He’s another unproven guy. They gave up a third-round pick for him, so at some point they have to have confidence in him, I would think.

“And he didn’t do too bad in the St. Louis game when he had a chance I know (Matt) Hasselbeck came in and did well. I thought Whitehurst was more of back-up type myself coming out of Clemson. So they’re putting their eggs in those guys, and hopefully one of them pans out because that division is up for grabs, and it’s such a week division. It’s down right now, and anyone can win it.”

Although Seattle gave up a third-round pick and swapped second round picks to secure Whitehurst as the potential quarterback of the future, Razzano gives Jackson the advantage in the quarterback competition because of his relationship with Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell during their time together in Minnesota.

Razzano gives the Rams the best chance to win the NFC West because he believes they have the best quarterback in the division in Sam Bradford.

Although he doesn’t like Seattle’s situation at quarterback, Razzano said they made the right choice in moving on from Hasselbeck.

“I think that he can still play, but you’re looking at a guy that really hasn’t played a full season," he said. "Here’s a guy whose 35 or 36 years old who’s suddenly in demand. That goes to show you the desperation that teams have for that position. I mean Hasselbeck is not the answer either. He’s getting up there obviously, so I think they probably did the right thing.

“In their estimation they’re just going with a younger guy and trying to rebuild. So I probably would have drafted a guy.”

Ultimately, Razzano believes Seattle could find their quarterback of the future in next year’s draft, a deep draft for signal callers that include Stanford’s Andrew Luck, Matt Barkley of USC and Oklahoma’s Landry Jones.

“Well, next year is a year for the quarterback,” he said. “There’s tons of guys coming out. And I’m sure that will be a big emphasis next season, depending on how they do this year. Next year is the time to draft a quarterback, even late in the first, or the second or the third. There seems like there’s a lot of good quarterbacks coming out for next season.”