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First look at Tarvaris

Jackson is 6-2 and does not seem undersized at all. He's got pretty thick arms and chest. He handled himself well in his press conference this morning.

He said Darrell Bevell is a very detail-oriented coach, which should make Jackson a detail-oriented quarterback. He responded well to questions about the quarterback competition. He said it didn't matter what the situation was ... he was going to be competing every day anyway.

One of his most telling statements was that he was a football player more than a quarterback. So ... don't look for him to be sliding to avoid a hit at some point short of a first down.

He was light on his feet answering questions about the disruption Brett Favre's on-again, off-again career with the VIkings caused him. It all made him better, he said.

He was pretty funny, too, when asked about his arm strength. He said he got his arm from his mother, who used to play shortstop.

Quick impression without seeing him even throw a pass? Seems like a sharp guy