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Okung on the hoof

The Hawks practice is under way and left tackle Russell Okung is in jersey, shorts and ball cap. No pads and he's not participating in practice, but he is upright and on both feet. Okung limped off during the first series of Thursday's first preseason game in San Diego. Fears, of course, were that he had suffered his third time-loss ankle injury in a year.

We will get greater detail from coach Pete Carroll after practice. But the sight of Okung standing around at practice, without a boot or other external protective device, is a good sign.

Several times, as teammates went through footwork in drills, Okung mirrored the action. Slowly, of course, but it still showed some degree of mobility. Also, as he stood watching, he occasionally rose up on his toes to do gentle calf-rises.

More details after practice