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A few minutes with David Vobora

New Seattle Seahawks linebacker David Vobora worked with the second unit at strong-side linebacker in his first day of practice with the team on Tuesday.

The Seahawks are hopeful that Vobora, who can play all three linebacker positions – will help provide some of the versatility the team lost when Will Herring signed with New Orleans in free agency.

“I know right now I’m focusing on some of the strong-side stuff,” Vobora said. “But really just to be a great teams player, great on special teams, and then on defense, however they need me and just make plays.”

Vobora said Seattle’s 4-3 defensive scheme is a little different than the 4-3 he played in at St. Louis, but he’s learning quickly.

“It’s a little different, but there’s only so many different ways to skin a cat in the league, per se,” Vobora said. “So once I get some of the terminology down, it’s already starting to click for me, so I’ll spend some extra time with Coach (Ken Norton) and a lot of extra time in my book and pick it up fast.”

And he’s also familiar with his new teammates after playing against them twice each season.

“As a rival I know a lot of these guys pretty well," he said. "I’m excited to be on their side now. And something I have a lot of pride in is special teams, and that something they take very serious here, so I’m excited about that. And this defense is a defense that flies around, and plays aggressive, so I’m excited about that.”

Vobora also talked about his recent victory in court. In June, Vobora was awarded $5.4 million default judgment in U.S. District Court in St. Louis against a supplement provider whose tainted product caused him to fail an NFL drug test.

Vobora failed a drug test and was suspended for four games without pay in 2009. According to the report, Vobora said he sent in the bottle of “Ultimate Sports Spray” for testing and it came back positive for the banned substance.

“It’s still in process,” he said. “They’ll end up collecting in the state where that company is represented, and collect as much of that money as they can. Again, ultimately it was vindication in clearing my name. It was a long process, but I came out on top.”

Vobora said his agent is working to get him off the first offender list as well as getting back the four game checks he lost for the four-game suspension handed down by the league.

“Really the key is we’re going to try and change kind of the premise of how everything is so it doesn’t happen to someone like me in the future.”

Vobora also rolls in an interesting car. Last summer he bought a 1984 Chrysler LeBaron convertible “Woody” edition off Craig’s List for $1,500. The car’s still in St. Louis, so he has to have it shipped back to Seattle.

He said the only accessories he bought for the car was some fuzzy dice and Bob-a-Hula Girl, along with a car tree air freshener decorated in wood paneling.

“I was sitting with one of our D-lineman one summer day and I said, ‘You know what, I think I want to buy a crappy convertible.’ And we went out and looked on Craig’s List. And we found it. I went out and drove it, and bought it that day.”

He also stuffed his glove box with Double Bubble gum.

You check out Vobora cruising in his classic convertible here.