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Morning links: Hawks unsettled at QB

Dave Boling of The News Tribune writes that Judge Susan Nelson’s ruling to lift the lockout provides the Seattle Seahawks the first sign of an opportunity to move forward and make some much-anticipated, off-season moves at the quarterback position.

The sooner the better for the Seattle Seahawks, who can benefit from every option possible in the very critical quest to find a functional quarterback before the start of the season.

They’ve proven they can be creative: Their top receiver had been an overweight, under-motivated free agent; their top rusher was picked up in a trade five weeks into the season; and their most dangerous return man was landed for almost nothing after a hideous leg injury the previous fall.

And the biggest bafflement of all was that they somehow got into the playoffs with only seven wins. So, anything seems possible. But it’s been a decade since the Seahawks were so unsettled at the most important position on the field ... and, frankly, their options right now don’t include any sure things.

Dave Campbell of the Associated Press reports that Nelson has asked for players to respond to the owners’ request for a stay by 9 a.m. Central time tomorrow, meaning the league remains in limbo for at least another day.

Lester Munson of ESPN calls Judge Susan Nelson’s ruling to lift the lockout a major victory for the players and a beginning to the end of the lockout.

Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post has a nice breakdown of everything that happened regarding the lockout on Monday.

League commissioner Rodger Goodell wrote this op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal stating that litigation is endangering the NFL’s success.

Liz Mathews of ESPN 710 Seattle catches up with receiver Mike Williams, who says he will not report to the VMAC today.

Clare Farnsworth of has Seattle selecting Baylor offensive guard Danny Watkins at No. 25.

Jay Glazer and Alex Marvez of Fox Sports report that Georgia’s outside linebacker/defensive end Justin Houston and Iowa defensive tackle Christian Ballard failed drug tests.