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Morning Links: Draft day

Good morning, folks. Draft day is finally here. As usual, we'll have a live draft chat this afternoon, along with blow-by-blow coverage from the VMAC, so check in throughout the day.

Dave Boling of The News Tribune takes an interesting trip down memory lane, reviewing the Seattle Seahawks’ success in trading down in recent past, which hasn’t resulted in a lot of success stories for the team.

And here’s my Seattle Seahawks’ advance for today’s draft, which includes a list of players selected at No. 25 this past decade, along with some talented players still left on the board after the pick.

Clare Farnsworth of passes along head coach Pete Carroll’s thoughts on this year’s quarterback class, along with what Seattle is looking for in a quarterback.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times has the Seahawks selecting cornerback Jimmy Smith at No. 25.

Draft Analyst Rob Rang gets some more love. Here he’s profiled by local TV station KING 5’s Chris Daniels in the video below, taking a look at how Rang juggles teaching school and working as a draft analyst during this time of year.

Rang polishes up his big board, ranking the top 100 prospects here.

Don Banks of Sports Illustrated has Seattle taking quarterback Andy Dalton, but also says the more likely scenario will be someone trading up to get a quarterback here.

The New York Daily News checks in with NFL beat reporters around the country and team’s best and worst picks. I selected running back Chris Warren as Seattle’s best pick, and quarterback Dan McGwire as the Seahawks’ worst pick.

Sports law professor Michael McMann, writing for Sports Illustrated, does a nice job of answering all of the pertinent questions regarding the lockout. U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson denied the league’s request to stay the lifting of the lockout, and the NFL is supposed to inform teams how to proceed today. That means there is a possibility that players can be included in trades today.

Seahawks player rep Chester Pitts calls league commissioner Roger Goodell a “fraud” and league executive Jeff Pash a “consistent turd” in this audio interview with ESPN 710 Seattle’s Brock Huard and Mike Salk.

Mike Mayock of the NFL Network has the Seahawks selecting North Carolina defensive tackle Marvin Austin at No. 25.

Joey Kaufman of The Daily Trojan writes that Carroll has maintained his connection to Los Angeles, including his commitment to reducing violent crime in the inner-city.

And yes, My Raiders have renamed Oakland-Alameda County Stadium to the ridiculous name of Coliseum. Give me your best shot!