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Carroll, Schneider talk about first-round pick Carpenter

Okay .. we also got Cable now:

Carroll, Schneider and Cable say Carpenter was a guy they had targeted for some time. Schneider got involved with a couple deals to trade down, but nothing was more appealing than picking Carpenter.

Carroll stressed how important it was to now have young, bookend tackles around which they can build an offense that dictates its will on defenses. The first descriptions Carroll used on Carpenter were nasty and aggressive. The best quote: "He's a road-grader ... he wants to bury you."

A couple factors separated Carpenter from the other tackle prospects available at the time: He was versatile, capable of playing either tackle or guard position. Also, he played in an Alabama scheme that will have him ready for the NFL. Of note, he came out of junior college and managed to walk right into the Alabama starting lineup at left tackle and start 27 straight games, with a national title along the way.

Cable let it be known that he is not interested in offensive linemen who are finesse players. He demands guys who are tough and aggressive. Carpenter, they felt, had those qualities.

Carroll said that they expect him to step in and be the starting right tackle. Carroll was vastly disappointed that the Seahawks had a substandard rushing attack last year. To take two offensive linemen in the first round of consecutive drafts, he said, is a very clear statement about their approach to build their attack.