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A few minutes with John Moffitt

We talked to University of Wisconsin offensive lineman John Moffitt on the phone just a few minutes ago, and he’s a pretty personable kid.

Moffitt said he had an idea that the Seahawks were interested heading into the draft, and he might wind up in Seattle. Moffitt said he looks forward to playing for head coach Pete Carroll and offensive line coach Tom Cable. Moffitt also says he’s a Nirvana fan.

“They called me a couple days ago asking me if I had any reservations about coming out to Seattle, which of course I didn’t at all. But it’s hard to tell in this whole process, because some teams show interest and aren’t interested. And some teams show no interest, and are interested. So I was kind of in the middle.”

Cable also said landing James Carpenter and Moffitt in the first two days of the line to help beef up the offensive line was a dream scenario for him.

Moffitt said he can play both guard and center. He started 42 of 45 games for the Badgers, including 22 starts at left guard and 15 at center.

“I don’t have a preference honestly,” he said. “I’ve played center and I’ve played guard. I just want to play football. So that’s what is most important to me.”

Asked to describe himself, this is what Moffitt had to say:

“I’m a physical player,” he said. “I think I bring a lot of physicality to the line, and I’m an intelligent player as well. It’s important for me to know what I’m doing out there, and to understand the game and develop mentally as well as physically.”

Cable said that Moffitt will start at right guard, and if OTAs were to start today, the line would be Russell Okung at left tackle, open spot at left guard, Max Unger at center, John Moffitt at right guard and James Carpenter at right tackle. Moffitt said his playing weight fluctuates from 310 to 325, and that he’s comfortable playing at all of those weights.

He also had us laughing here when he asked about his age, 24 years old.

“You know I joined the peace corps for a year, so I lost year,” Moffitt said.

When was that?

“No, I’m kidding. I didn’t join the Peace Corps,” Moffitt said, laughing. “You know what happened, I transferred high schools and I repeated a year of school. I didn’t want to tell you I’m like Billy Madision. Bu the Peace Corps things sound so much better, so if you guys want to print that, feel free.”

Listen to a snippet to our conversation with Moffitt here.

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