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Morning links: Williams says Seattle players may hold minicamp next week

Seattle Seahawks receiver Mike Williams talked with Brock Huard and Mike Salk of ESPN 710 Seattle on Tuesday. Williams discussed how he is staying in shape, and also addressed the uncertainty at quarterback for the Seattle.

Williams, who has a weight incentive clause in his contract, said he’s not having any issues keeping the weight off. He’s averaging about 5 ½ to six hours of cardio a day, between field work, working out in the gym and playing basketball every day

But he also says the lockout is hurting players because they are not getting the regular work they need with the coaches.

“For myself, when you’ve been away long enough – for two years – and then you get back into the swing of things, you want to keep the schedule,” Williams said. “You want to keep the time of the year, and how you move and your body and things like that. So this extended break, it’s difficult for me. And it’s difficult for our extended group especially. … Guys are all over the place – Alabama, L.A., Georgia, Seattle – so we haven’t had time to really get together.”

Williams said a fellow teammate is trying to organize a two-day minicamp in Seattle next week, but wouldn’t reveal the player’s name.

On the quarterback front, Williams seemed open to the possibility of Matt Hasselbeck returning to Seattle in free agency.

“I respect the guy, and the body of work and what he means to this city and the organization,” Williams said about Hasselbeck. “And I think if physically he can do it, I think as a teammate and as an organization you help him. You build around him, and you make his job easier.”

But if that does not happen, he believes Charlie Whitehurst could get the job done.

“If Matt’s not the answer, I’m all for Charlie getting a shot,” Williams said. “Charlie deserves a shot. I think when he came in, they gave him a deal to give him a shot. So if Matt’s not going to be the answer, I’m all for Charlie.

"I think Charlie has a big-time arm. He can make all of the throws. And I think people were very critical of him this year, but I don’t think people have taken into considerations what repetitions do in this league, and the looks and the more time you have under center at practice, and how it carries over to the game. And so I still think the judgment on Charlie definitely has to be out until he has a full year under his belt to really assess where he’s at.”

Check out the full interview here.

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