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Morning links: A few minutes with Carroll

I attended Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll’s Win Forever coaching seminar Friday night at the team’s Renton headquarters.

A few hundred high school coaches, business folks and media members attended the event. The audience included a few notables, including former Seattle SuperSonics coach Lenny Wilkins, an international rugby star and a football coach from England.

Also on hand was Seahawks general manager John Schneider.

The message was consistent with what Carroll emphasized with his players during his first season Seattle, as he focused on helping other coaches develop their own coaching philosophy.

Always compete. Do it the best that it’s ever been done before. Protect the team. No whining, no complaining, no excuses. It’s all about the ball. Be on time.

However, it’s was interesting to see Carroll operating in his element with people he’s worked with for years in the Win Forever program sponsored by Nike, showing an impressive ability to relate and interact with fellow coaches.

I would have liked to have attended a Carroll-led seminar with more emphasis on Xs and Os, but the night provided another glimpse inside Carroll’s inner circle.

Carroll talks about the seminar and the team’s off-season preparation in the video above.

Doug Farrar of Yahoo Sports offers a more detailed account of the seminar along with some video from the meeting.

ESPN’s Mike Sando notes that stadium and quarterback situations played a major role in where NFL teams ranked on ESPN The Magazine’s ultimate franchise rankings in this video link.

Albert Breer of the NFL Network lists former Seahawks Brian Bosworth on his list of dream interviews.

Clare Farnsworth of takes a look back at Seattle’s 2000 team.

ESPN’s John Clayton tells ESPN 710 Seattle’s Kevin Calabro and Jim Moore that he doubts the Tennessee Titans will be willing to pay Matt Hasselbeck what it will take to sign him with Jake Locker already on the roster in this audio link. Clayton once again reports that Hasselbeck was offered a one-year, $7 million deal by Seattle.

Clark Judge of CBS Sports writes that with labor negotiations going well, the league should start planning on how to handle free agency in late July.

Ray Ratto, writing for CBS Sports, offers this little nugget on the ongoing labor dispute:

“The owners like each other far less than they like the players, and trust each other not at all. It's why all the reports of an imminent settlement always sound more like begging than fact-finding.

“The latest hint that the problems began, reside and will continue with the owners comes with the news that a number of owners have been balking at settlement developments for months now -- in part because they still harbor resentments over the 2006 deal, and because they want the revenue-sharing rules between themselves to be changed.”

Check out the Seahawks intro in the new Madden 2012 in the video below. Looks like they believe Matt Hasselbeck will be back.