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Seahawks 16, Rams 6 -- NFC West championship reactions

Well, the Seattle Seahawks become the first team in NFL team to make the playoffs with a 7-9 record in a non-strike year.

How does it feel?

Look, I know some of you like draft picks and potential. But the Seahawks are in the playoffs. And that's not something we thought was going to happen before the season or at various points throughout the season. Remember the Oakland game? How about last week? The Seahawks never seem to stop finding ways to surprise you - good or bad.

What's more surprising is how the Hawks managed to do it with Charlie Whitehurst at quarterback (191 yards passing) and the ability to run the football (149 yards rushing) - those aren't typos.  The defense was salty and made life pretty miserable for rookie quarterback Sam Bradford.

So now the Seahawks have won their fifth NFC West title in franchise history. Their reward? They get to face the New Orleans Saints on Saturday at 1:30 p.m. at Qwest Field.

1. Be honest, before the season began, did you think the Seahawks would be winning the NFC West title? How many times did you think they were done throughout the season? How does it feel now that they've won it?

2. Be fair, how do you think Charlie Whitehurst performed in this game? Should he start against the Saints or should Matt Hasselbeck?

3. Who gets your game ball?

4. How much derision and mocking and complaining do you expect from around the NFL and on TV about the Hawks winning the NFC West with a losing record? And do you care?

5. What do you think the Seattle's chances are against New Orleans and why?