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Seahawks 41, Saints 36: Playoff win party!!!!

Honestly, how many of you believed it was possible? Was it your heart saying, "yes," and your head saying "well, maybe."

I had my doubts. I think if you know football, you understood there was a reason to doubt.

But at the same time, I think you also knew that football is a funny game and everything we saw from the Seahawks when they were good was that they could compete with the Saints.

Always compete? I guess so.

With the exception of a little dry spell in the third quarter, this has to be one of the most complete games the Seahawks have played in the last four seasons. And they did so when it mattered most.

Everything Seattle needed to do win this football game, it did.

I think we can also end any doubt as to whether Matt Hasselbeck should have been starting this football game.

I'm sorry but a top 10 draft pick vs. this feeling.

1. How much fun was it to watch this game?

2. In terms of memorable runs, can you think of one better than Marshawn Lynch's 67-yard touchdown.

3. If you didn't believe in Matt Hasselbeck, do you now? If you did believe, how vindicated do you feel?

4. Who gets the game ball?

5. How fun will it be to hear all the pundits and experts eat crow after trashing the Seahawks all week?

6. Who do you want next week: Bears or Falcons?