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"Little fracture" doesn't limit Herring

For my Friday TNT column, my interview with Hawk linebacker Will Herring went like this:

What’s the deal with the cast on your arm? “Just a little wrist fracture,” he says.

To one of the big arm bones or one of the little wrist bones? “I don’t know.”

What’s the treatment regimen for that? “You just cast it up and go with it.”

What happened? “I think a knee landed on me, but I’m not sure. I just thought it wassprained a little.”

Which play? What part of the game? “I believe it was on a kickoff; I don’t rememberwhich one.”

Herring surely has the linebacker mentality. It has not limited him in practice this week and he certainly doesn’t expect it to be an issue Sunday against the Bears.

Herring also talked about his expanding role in the defense and his excitement over the win by Auburn, his alma mater, over Oregon in the BCS title game (he and Ben Obomanu flew down for it).

As for his teammate’s impressions of him, David Hawthorne said they call Herring “Mr. Consistent” because he’s always so well-prepared.

A longer look in the column tomorrow morning at the TNT.