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Bears 35, Seahawks 24-- end of the season reaction thread

Well, I think we all expected more from this team today. That's the tough part about football. There's so much build up during the week to a game, so when the team comes out and under-performs it seems to be so disheartening and frustrating.

Clearly the Seahawks looked nothing like the team we saw last week. The season comes to an end. But it hasn't been dull. And it is an improvement over last season.

Sure there were doubters and haters, but in the end the feeling of last week made it all seem worth it. And that's what sports can do.

1. What surprised/disappointed you most about the Seahawks performance today?

2. Who gets your MVP? How about your LVP?

3. Obviously one of the biggest questions concerning the upcoming offseason will be whether or not they should bring back Matt Hasselbeck, what are your thoughts.

4. Who should not be back next year for the Seahawks? Who should definitely be brought back?

5. It was such an up and down season, but what are your thoughts looking back? Would you have traded the past few weeks for a higher draft pick?

6. Since we can't stop talking draft on here, what position should the Hawks target with their first round pick?