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First look at the draft: Cornerbacks

Two interceptions.

That’s how many picks Seattle’s starting corners Marcus Trufant and Kelly Jennings had combined this season. Only Miami (Shaun Smith and Vontae Davis had one each) and Oakland’s (Stanford Routt had two and Nnamdi Asomugha none) starting corners shared the same numbers.

The Dolphins had the No. 8-ranked pass defense in the league, while the Raiders had the No. 2-ranked pass defense in the league – basically no one throws to Asomugha’s side.

Seattle’s pass defense ranked No. 27 in the league.

Part of the reason for that anemic stat is the Seahawks’ switch in scheme from a Cover-2 shell to more of a press-man scheme, which means the defensive back spends more time reading and reacting to the receiver instead of reading the quarterback’s eyes.

And at times, the Seahawks again struggled to get consistent pressure on the quarterback, leaving the corners covering for longer stretches in the defensive backfield.

Still, the Seahawks need more playmaking from their corners, which is one of the reasons they could look to draft a cornerback with the team’s No. 25 overall pick.

Kelly Jennings is a free agent this season. And Marcus Trufant struggled through back issues for a second straight season, which affected his performance. The Seahawks gave up 31 passing touchdowns this season, tied for third-worst in the league.

The Seahawks likely will ask Walter Thurmond to step up and take on more of a significant role in the secondary next season.

Miami’s Brandon Harris, Colorado’s Jimmy Smith and Aaron Williams of Texas all have the size, speed and coverage ability as possibilities for Seattle to select in the first round.

Brandon Harris, MiamiHighlights

Rang: “In terms of pure coverage ability, I like him the most out of the three. I think that he’s essentially a rock-solid, first-round pick. I’d be surprised honestly if he’s available at No. 25. But at the same time he really struggled with bigger receivers. … His athletic ability and his quickness in coverage I think is going to virtually guarantee him being drafted in the first round. I do have some concerns about him in Seattle’s scheme, and as well as the fact that with Seattle, some of the receivers they are going up against are some of the bigger, stronger guys.”

Jimmy Smith, ColoradoHighlights

Rang: “Jimmy Smith is a heck of a football player. There are some character concerns. He’s had his brushes with the coaching staff at Colorado. But in terms of size, athletic ability and toughness against the run, he’s a legitimate 6-foot-1, 210 pounds and comes up and plays the run. So he’s a good football player.”

Aaron Williams, TexasHighlightsRang: “He’s a good football player. He’s a young guy. Obviously, he’d have a great deal of rapport already established with Earl Thomas, which is attractive in itself there. Really athletic. He’s just starting to try and develop, and so I think if you draft him, he’s the least prepared of the three we’ve mentioned. But he’s a good football player, and a year or two down the road, he could wind up being the best of the bunch.”