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A couple thoughts on Tate, Stanback

Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider had some interesting things to say about receiver Golden Tate, who did not live up to his potential in his rookie season, finishing with just 21 catches for 227 yards.

Schneider said that he has high expectations for the Notre Dame product moving forward, and believes he can develop into a consistent playmaker.

Tate failed to get on the field on a regular basis because of his struggles with route running and picking up the intricacies of a pro-style offense. But during practices last year, he showed the most ability out of any receiver to consistently make plays deep down the field.

“I think Golden is a very talented player,” Schneider said. “I think he recognized that he needs to improve as a route runner, and with his preparation. He was a young guy that never had spring ball, and was just out there just playing on pure ability.

“And so for him to come into camp and have all this stuff thrown at him, different route combinations and all that, was a lot for him. But I think guys like Ben Obomanu and definitely (Brandon) Stokley when he came in, those guys really helped him out in terms of helping him recognize what he needs to work on. My expectations are high for him. I think he’s a very good player.”

Schneider also had some interesting things to say about University of Washington product Isaiah Stanback, a player who intrigued him coming out of college. Stanback suffered an Achilles tendon tear during training camp in the middle of a battle to earn a spot at receiver. But Stanback recently signed a deal to be on Seattle’s roster this season, and Schneider believes because of his athleticism and leadership ability that he can develop into a core player for the Seahawks.

“Isaiah had a great camp when he was healthy,” Schneider said. “And if he can get over the injuries, he’s a big, strong, physical run-after-the-catch, take-the-ball-out-the-air core guy that’s played quarterback. And he just has a very strong, natural leadership aura about him. He’s a great guy in the building. He’s a great guy in the community. He wants to be there. He wants to be a really good player.

“I can’t get over the fact that several years ago I was out there scouting him, and I fell in love with the guy.”