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Locker sizzles, Newton struggles

I watched Washington quarterback Jake Locker, Nevada’s Colin Kaepernick, Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallet and others during the morning session workout in Indianapolis here at Lucas Oil Stadium.

While Locker was not perfect and had a few errant throws, I thought overall he performed well and helped answer some questions about his accuracy.

Now, I understand that ultimately coaches are going to go off of the film from Lockers’ final season for the Huskies, where they will see him struggling at times with accuracy throwing from inside the pocket.

But it certainly helped that he came out and ran official 40-yard time of 4.52 seconds, later posted as an official time of 4.59 on the NFL web site, tied with Auburn’s Cam Newton as the third-fastest time for a quarterback.

Kapernick ran a 4.53. Blaine Gabbert ran a 4.62. Florida State’s Christian Ponder ran a 4.65.

Locker showed that he could make all the throws. But what impressed me is that he made the most difficult throws in my opinion -- 15-yard out routes and 30-yard post corners – look easy. He put all of those throws on the money during the throwing session.

He also did a good job on the deep throws on fade routes, but surprisingly struggled with accuracy on square-ins, which I think are easier throws. He also seemed to shot put or aim the ball at times instead of letting it loose.

Rob Rang, senior draft analyst for, also was impressed with Locker. Check out his thoughts here.

Kapernick had the biggest arm, but really struggled with accuracy and definitely is a work in progress.

Mallet was the most impressive thrower I saw today. The ball jumps out of his hand, he’s pretty accurate and his mechanics look solid. I know he has struggled in games when pressured and has some off-the-field issues, but a setting like that is made for him to shine.

TCU’s Andy Dalton was solid, but appeared to struggle making deeper throws down the field.

I did not watch the throwing session with Auburn’s Cam Newton, but from all the reports I’ve read he really struggled with accuracy, which is not a good sign. And Ponder actually had a better throwing day during that session.

Also, Oregon State defensive tackle Stephen Paea put up a ridiculous 49 reps on the bench at 225 pounds, a combine record.