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Morning links: Owners, players seek to reduce risk

As NFL owners and players begin negotiations again today, Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post succinctly sums up the issue between the two sides as they try to get a deal done during the 7-day extension of the CBA that ends on Friday, stating it’s all about risk.

The owners want the players to share their risk of operating their professional football franchises. The players want the owners to reduce the health and safety risk associated with playing a violent game. Simply, they both want the other side to reduce the risk.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated provides some interesting perspective from inside the ongoing negotiations between the owners and the players, including a report from colleague Jim Trotter stating the players were on the cusp of decertification last week.

Mike Freeman of CBS Sports writes that federal mediate George Cohen could save football.

CNBC sports business reporter Dan Rovell says it’s time for the owners to open the books.

Greg Gabriel of the National Football Post discusses how medical evaluations can affect a player’s draft stock.

Chad Reuter of says history tells us it’s unlikely that teams will find an elite-level quarterback outside the top two quarterbacks taken in the draft. For every Tom Brady, there’s a Tony Pike or David Greene dragging down the curve.