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Thursday practice report: Williams, Cole still out

Wide receiver Mike Williams did not practice for a second straight day for the Seahawks. Williams did suit up for practice, but did not participate in individual or team drills, as the team continues to take a cautious approaching in bringing him back from a left foot strain.

Defensive tackle Colin Cole also did not practice today, but appeared to be moving better while working through agility drills on the side with a trainer.

Others who did not practice include offensive lineman Chester Pitts (ankle), linebacker Lofa Tatupu (knee), tight end John Carlson (hip) and cornerback Marcus Trufant (lower leg).

Defensive end Chris Clemons (ankle) was a full participant in practice today, along with quarterback Matt Hasselbeck (left wrist).

Offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates again echoed what most Seattle coaches and players have been saying this week about Carolina – they’re not your usual 1-10 football team.

“They’re playing good football,” he said. “This does not look like a 1-10 football team. And I think that’s the state of the national football league. You can win any game, and you can lose any game. We’re approaching it like it’s the biggest game are life, like we do every week. And we’re going to go in and compete on Sunday.”

Seattle has relied on throwing it to move the ball the past, couple games, but Bates said ideally they would like to have more balance in the offense.

“In a perfect state I think 50-50 is the way to go,” Bates said. “It puts a lot of pressure on the defense to defend the run and the pass. When you become one dimensional, it’s tough. They know they can sit back and get into a three-point stance as defensive end and rush the quarterback and sack the quarterback, and don’t have any fear of run gaps and all of that. And you start getting creative blitzes and 2-man. So you’ve got to be balanced. It keeps it fair in this league on defensive coordinators.”

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck addressed the importance of the last five games of the season in terms of his team’s playoff hopes.

“We can only play one at a time,” he said. “But the old cliché that everyone talks about – about an NFL season being a heavyweight fight – you don’t win it or lose it in the middle. Basically, we started out pretty good. We kind of hit some bumps in the road, and we got to just finish strong. We’re a little bit beat up, but we’ve got to find a way to suck it up and power through, and do our best here late in the season.”