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Williams, Obomanu return to practice

The Seattle Seahawks had their starting receiving tandem back at practice today, with Mike Williams and Ben Obomanu fully participating in a workout outside at the VMAC that lasted about an hour and a half.

Williams appeared to move well during individual and team drills. And Ben Obomanu, with his pinkie and ring fingers taped back to protect a gash in between his fingers, showed no ill affects from the injury, several times stretching out to make tough catches on the day.

“That’s my mindset, to go out and not think about it,” Obomanu said about the injury. “That’s the way it’s going to be Sunday, too. You have to just go out and play. And the biggest thing for the receiver is to stick your hands out and catch the ball, and then deal with it later. If it starts hurting or something after you catch it and run for five or 10 yards, then you’ll think about the pain. But the biggest thing is just trying to get as many catches as a I can to get over the sting factor.”

Offensive lineman Chester Pitts also practiced for the first time in three weeks and seemed to make it through okay.

As Carroll stated during his press conference, Brandon Stokely (hamstring), Walter Thurmond (hamstring) and Roy Lewis (knee) were limited or did not participate in practice at all today.

Also sitting out were defensive end Chris Clemons and center Chris Spencer.

Seahawks safety Lawyer Milloy talked about facing his former team the Atlanta Falcons, and all of the young, talented players on the roster.

“Former team or not, this is one of the best teams in the NFL right now,” Milloy said. “And given the situation were in, it’s a playoff game. There’s a lot of implications for both teams.

“In the position they’re in, they have a chance to really solidify home-field advantage for the playoffs. And we’re trying to figure it out to get in. Because we’re in the same conference, potentially this is a tone setter game for later on, too. But for us personally this is something to where let’s see if we can rise to the challenge, knowing that they’re pretty much setting the standard for our conference by the way they’re doing things right now.”

Milloy also talked about the way he left Atlanta. His contract ended at the end of the 2008 season and the Falcons did not seek to sign him to a new deal. Milloy said he played injured during that season, still starting in 15 games, including the Falcons’ playoff loss in Arizona.

“My contract was up, period, point blank,” Milloy said. “Obviously before the season I knew that they wanted to try to get younger. I gave that city my all. There’s nothing nobody can say about that, to the point where I went out in the Arizona game with a broken back – transverse fractures I found out afterward – but it was all for the sake of that team, and the players that really believed in it. We went through a tough year, especially with the Michael Vick thing, and I knew that they deserved more. And that’s how I tried to lead.”

Here's the full injury report:

Seattle: Olindo Mare (left hamstring), Brandon Stokley (hamstring), Walter Thurmond (hamstring), Roy Lewis (knee) and Chris Clemons (ankle) did not practice.

Chris Spencer (shoulder) was limited. And Matt Hasselbeck (left wrist), Ben Obomanu (hand) and Mike Williams were full participants.

Atlanta: DE John Abraham (groin), Lb Curtis Lofton (knee) and WR Roddy White (knee) did not practice.

DT Jonathan Babineaux (shoulder), OT Tyson Clabo (ankle), LB Stephen Nicholas (knee), RB Jason Snelling (hamstring) and LB Coy Wire (head) were limited participants.