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Final: Falcons 34, Hawks 18

Well, I think this is what we all probably expected today.

Talented ultimately prevailed in this one, as the Atlanta Falcons clinched a playoff berth with a dominant performance in the second half in defeating Seattle 34-18.

And after another dismal performance by Matt Hasselbeck we're left with this -- have we seen the end of No. 8 in a Seattle Seahawks' uniform?

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has been steadfast in his preaching of taking care of the ball offensively. In Seattle's six wins, Hasselbeck has five turnovers. In the Seahawks eight losses, Hasselbeck has 17 turnovers, including 10 turnovers in the last three games.

Check out the stats here.

As much as the defense was on the field, they actually did not play that bad against a pretty good Atlanta defense.

Charlie Whitehurst came in with just over a quarter left and moved the ball.

And unbelievably, this team still has a chance to make the playoffs at 6-8 overall, even though they've lost six of their past eight games. St. Louis also fell to 6-8 after losing at home to Kansas City, 27-13. And San Francisco is a game back at 5-9 after losing to San Diego on Thursday.

The simplest scenario is for Seattle to win their last two games, including a win in the season finale against St. Louis, and win the division at 8-8.

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