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Carroll mum on starting QB for Tampa Bay

Head coach Pete Carroll was noncommittal on who will be his starting quarterback moving forward after pulling Matt Hasselbeck at the end of the third quarter because of poor play.

Hasselbeck finished 10 of 17 for 71 yards, two interceptions and a fumble with no touchdowns. Hasselbeck’s 28. 9 passer rating was his lowest mark since an Oct. 24, 2004 game at Arizona (18.9), a 25-17 loss.

“I know you’re all wondering what it means, but we’ll go back to work next week and take a look at everything like we always do,” Carroll said. “We’ll evaluate what we need to do and all of that. I’m not doing anything or making a decision about the quarterback situation. I know you’re all going to ask me about that stuff, I’m not doing anything right now. We’ll go back to work, look at the film and see what’s right for us.”

The Seahawks were in the same situation last week against San Francisco, but Carroll opted to stick with Hasselbeck. But this time he made the change.

“I just thought, ‘I want to see what Charlie can do,’” Carroll said on making the change to Charlie Whitehurst at the end of the third quarter. “I wanted to see how he would do in that situation. And Matt struggled in that third quarter. You can’t give him that fumble in the end zone. That happened. But he did throw a couple of balls that got away.”

And how did Whitehurst do?

“Charlie did an okay job,” Carroll said. “He went in there and handled himself all right. He made a couple mistakes with the cadence and things that got some penalties for us that looked like it was an O-lineman, but it was the quarterback. So he didn’t function as sharp as we would like, but he did move the club a little bit, and he made a couple plays with his legs, and he made a couple really nice strokes.”

Hasselbeck said he was again forcing the issue instead of taking the check downs and living to see another day.

“Looking back, I seem to do stupid things when we’re losing,” Hasselbeck said. “When we’re down by two touchdowns or more, that’s where I have to be way smarter. That’s where I’ve really failed recently. That’s on me. I know better.”

Hasselbeck also said the play in the end zone where he was sacked by Atlanta’s Jamaal Anderson and fumbled for a touchdown actually could have went for a touchdown the other way had he got the ball off to Ben Obomanu.

“I had Obomanu for a touchdown on that play, and it resulted in a touchdown for them,” Hasselbeck said.

So who will be the quarterback next week?

“We’re just going to look and see what’s going on and figure it out,” Carroll said. “Matt’s been our starter all the way through. He’s put us in position at this time, and it seems to me that that’s really important for us to understand that. And there’s a lot of guys playing football, it isn’t one guy out there, the whole team’s playing. To point it all at one guy isn’t the right thing to do. So we’ll figure it out next week and we’ll let you know.”

As far as injuries are concerned, Marcus Trufant suffered from back spasms and had to leave the game. Junior Siavii had a bad knock on the head and suffered a neck stinger, and Will Herring had a hamstring issue.