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Morning links: Backup QBs ain’t what they used to be

With the minor uproar this week over who should be the Seattle Seahawks starting quarterback against Tampa Bay, our own John McGrath of The News Tribune peruses the NFL rosters for backup quarterbacks on teams headed to the playoffs who can come in and lead their teams to victory.

McGrath comes to this conclusion, New England, Indianapolis, Atlanta and some other teams could be in trouble if their starting quarterback goes down.

But this is a sign of the times, where teams are more focused on developing young quarterbacks for the future or looking for a cheep alternative at backup quarterback instead paying millions of dollars for a savvy veteran to hold a clipboard.McGrath:

Here’s what I don’t understand: The NFL coach who doesn’t devote at least 15 hours a day to micro-managing every detail of his team’s game plan is thought to be shirking his duties. Schemes are drawn up that require four or five substitutions between second down and third down.

Summer training camp is preceded by a series of minicamps. Playbooks are as guarded as nuclear codes. A familiarity with the simple points of walk-through practices is so precious to the opposition that spies are hired to tape them.

But the hands-on coaches involved in every last detail of their team – the Patriots’ Bill Belichick, for example – don’t seem concerned about an injury removing a starting quarterback from the playoff chase.

This just in: It’s late December in New England. The weather outside is frightful, the ground is an ice-cold slab of green concrete. What happens if Tom Brady takes a sack that leaves him wobbly?

What happens is Brian Hoyer, and Bill Belichick’s conviction in the power of prayers.

At 6-8 the Seahawks should be focused on player evaluation. Instead, they’re battling to get into the playoffs.

Doug Farrar of breaks down the versatile Michael Robinson.

More Farrar: That 24-yard touchdown by Atlanta receiver Michael Jenkins given up by the Seahawks may have looked like Kam Chancellor’s fault, but the Hawks were in cover-3, not cover-2.

The Seahawks offensive line is ranked 14th in this New York Life protection index created by Stats Inc.

Brian McIntyre reports that offensive lineman Ben Hamilton has been waived by the Seahawks. Hamilton was placed on the season-ending injured reserve earlier this season. Jim Moore of takes issue with FSN’s planned name change to Root Sports.