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Carroll: Hasselbeck questionable for St. Louis game with hip issue

A lot of the talk rightfully focused on this team’s effort today against Tampa Bay, losing their ninth game by double digits, 38-15. And pretty much everyone fell in line with head coach Pete Carroll, saying the effort is there but the execution is lacking.

“Effort? No. But execution? Yes,” said Seattle linebacker Lofa Tatupu said. “I don’t think anybody’s been, 'Ahh, I should have caught that ball,’ or ‘Ahh, I probably should have made that tackle,’ It’s never been that, and it never will be in this locker room. But just the little things about executing your job, whether it’s coverage, whether it’s reading the coverage, making a throw, making a catch or making a tackle – all of the little things.

“When it’s there in front of you, make the plays that are presented to you, and we need to find that now more than ever.”

Players also were asked about possibly being the first team in league history to make the playoffs at 7-9 if the Seahawks beat St. Louis next week.

“I don’t make the rules,” Seahawks offensive tackle Sean Locklear said. “It sucks. Nobody wants to hear that, but that’s part of the game. Whether you have a chance at 7-9 or 8-8 to go to the playoffs, and you win you’re division you get a home game. That’s part of the game. I’m not going to turn it down, so let’s go and play.”

Added Mike Williams: “It all makes for good columns and debate on PTI,” Mike Williams said. “We got to tighten the screws and get ready to go because just because we’re going back to Qwest doesn’t mean this thing is going to fall into our lap. The Rams have been playing good, and we haven’t been playing good, so we’ll see what happens.” Carroll described Matt Hasselbeck’s hip injury as a muscle pull, and said that he will not practice all week in the hope that he can be ready against St. Louis on Sunday.

“We’ll have to see how that works out,” Carroll said. “We’ll give him all week to sit on it, and then we’ll see how it works out. Right now we’re going to get Charlie ready to go, and put together a game plan that gives us a chance to win in Qwest when we go home.

Hasselbeck said he’ll get an MRI on the injury Monday morning, and that he initially suffered the injury when he took a helmet to the hip earlier this season against San Diego.

“It had been kind of bothering me off and on, just a little bit, nothing major all season,” said. “I tweaked it a little bit against Arizona at their place, a little bit against Carolina. And so really it was never really that bad. Today it just got real tight on me, pulled back and I came into the training room to try and get it right, tried to get it to a point where I could run. And so I was unable to do it.”

Hasselbeck said the injury is not related to the back issues that forced him to miss nine games two years ago.

“It’s not my back,” he said. “My back was like 2008. It’s embarrassing, it’s more my butt.”

Hasselbeck said he suffered the injury while scoring on the 1-yard touchdown run in the opening quarter.

The only other player who suffered an injury was receiver Brandon Stokley (head).

Even though the effort and the play has been similar to last season, Hasselbeck believes that fact that this team is playing for a chance to make the postseason makes this year different.

“I don’t think it feels at all like last year,” Hasselbeck said. “To me it does not. But at the same time we are a team that is trying to do a 180 degree turn. We were a really good team, and then we became a really bad team. And now we’re trying to make the turn. It’s not a real easy thing to do.

“But are we a great team right now? No, we’re not a great team. But we’re trying. And I think just if everybody improves a little bit, we can start turning the corner, and we’ll see how we can do, but it doesn’t feel like last year.”

Cornerback Marcus Trufant was beat for three touchdowns on Sunday, and looks like a shadow of his former self out on the field. But he said the back spasms that forced him to leave the game last week against Atlanta are not related to the back issues he had last season, and that he’s fully healthy and just has to play better.

“I’m feeling pretty good,” Trufant said. “There’s nothing that’s really affecting me. I just didn’t really have a good day today, and that’s what it came down to. Certain plays, certain situations when I need to make the big play, the other guy was able to make it, so I’ve got to step up.”