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Carroll quick-hitters

Just got out of Pete Carroll's Monday press conference.

He doesn't expect Matt Hasselbeck to practice all week, so he's committing to Charlie Whitehurst as this week's quarterback. However, he did leave the door open to re-evaluation later in the week if Hasselbeck has a speedy recovery. After Hasselbeck's MRI, he said that "we won't know for days" whether he has a chance to return. He said he's not in a lot of discomfort and "it might be manageable." Whitehurst, he said, started slowly and made some "conservative decisions." He had a few opportunities to go downfield with the passes and didn't take them.

"We just didn't get many things done," Carroll said. He said that this week they were determined to try to stick with the running game and to keep it mixed into the scheme.

He did not think the outcome of the St. Louis-San Francisco game played a role in the Hawks' weak play. The Rams win meant the Seahawks would play for the division title this week whether they beat Tampa Bay or not. "I can't imagine that had an effect on the game," he said.

He was asked about some of the defensive shortcomings, bad coverage, missed tackles, unproductive blitzes, etc., and he summarized it as "... in those situations they won the exchanges." When specifically asked about apparent breakdowns by cornerback Marcus Trufant, he said "... we count on Tru t o make those plays, but they did get him on those."

Left tackle Russell Okung was not 100 percent when he came back into the game after another ankle injury, but Carroll said that the rookie pushed to come back in. "It's a factor in his play," Carroll said, although a prognosis for this week was not forthcoming. Brandon Stokley, meanwhile, will undergo the tests for post-concussion symptoms and may be able to return later in the week, Carroll said.

He acknowledged the oddity of a six-win team still contending for a playoff berth, calling it an "interesting finish to the season." ... "We have a lot of work to do," he said.