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Giants 41, Seahawks 7-- postgame mourning thread

Well, that went about as well as Ashton Kutcher trying to play Hamlet or Britney Spears trying sing Celine Dion.

Honestly, the score is bad, but the game felt worse at times. I think we all knew it would  take a minor miracle for the Seahawks to win. But we also expected them to be competitive. As Pete Carroll says, "Always Compete"

What's scary is that the Seahawks are still tied for first place in the NFL West.

We saw Charlie Whitehurst make his debut today. And it went about as well I expected. He has some talent, but he just lacks the polish and accuracy that is expected from someone who doesn't have game experience.

As always here's a few questions to commiserate upon.

1. Obviously the injuries are an issue for the Seahawks, but which player's absence was the most glaring?

2. How do you think Whitehurst played in his first game? Be fair.

3. Who should start at QB next week in Arizona?

4. The  Seahawks defense didn't get much help from the offense, but does it appear that there are other issues as well?

5. How much of this loss was injuries? How much was the Giants being a good team? How much of it was poor performance by the Seahawks?

6. Honestly, did you watch all of the game or did you turn it off?

7. What are your expectations next week at Arizona? Have they changed at all after this game?