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Hasselbeck: No clear cut leader in the division

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck talked to reporters this afternoon before practice, addressing some of the tests he had to pass in order to be cleared after missing last week’s game with lingering concussion symptoms.

“Not only do you have to be cleared by your own team doctor, you’ve got to see an independent doctor, so that was one big thing,” Hasselbeck said. “There were some fitness test-type things. There were some nueropychic exams – stuff like that, that probably would be hard on a regular day. So it was harder on Monday.”

Hasselbeck talked about Arizona’s recent run of success, which includes the Cardinals beating Seattle four straight down in the desert. The Sehawks recently broke a streak of four straight losses to Arizona by beating the Cardinals at Qwest Field.

“They’ve done a nice job the last, few times we’ve played them down there,” Hasselbeck said. “I think I even mentioned after the game I saw (Arizona head coach) Coach Whisenhunt after the game at the 50-yard line or whatever, and I think I said, ‘Congratulations.’ It’s just like a programmed response, like I’m used to saying that to him. It was just an accident. I don’t know what I was saying.

“He was kind about it, but I felt stupid. They’ve done a nice job. And the year they beat us I think for the first time it was a big deal to them. We kind of gave the game away at the end, and they took advantage and kicked the field goal. And they had a lot of success after that. They won the division two years in a row, they went to the Super Bowl – all that stuff. And so it was hurdle for them, and they took advantage of it.

That said, with everyone bunched together in the NFC West right now, Hasselbeck feels like the division is there for the taking for whoever steps up in the second half of the season.

“So we feel like right now there is no clear cut leader in the division, and we can affect that. We have an opportunity to take it back. And I’m sure everybody in our division feels like they’re in the hunt. And so it’s just one of those things where it’s a championship game in a way for us.

One of the ways that Seattle needs to improve offensively is getting a more consistent performance from the offensive line up front. The Seahawks have used eight different offensive line combinations so far this season. Hasselbeck said there’s been so much juggling up front the past two seasons because of injuries that it’s almost become the norm, and the team is used to it.

“I think that’s just become normal for us,” Hasselbeck said. “So it’s like we don’t really talk about it. It’s just almost expected. We’ve just had the injury bug there a little bit, and that’s just normal. It seems like it’s been different every week. We practice that way. Everybody plays every position. It very different from the years where we knew who the five were (going to be), every single play, every single practice – it’s not that. We’re mixing and maxing and just doing what we can.”