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Carroll on 710 ESPN: Hasselbeck will play on SUNDAY against Saints

Obviously the big question is the health status of quarterback Matt Hasselbeck.  We won't hear from head coach Pete Carroll till 2:15 p.m. However, Carroll goes on with Brock and Salk every Monday morning to talk about the game. And he talked about several important things that people may be interested in.

You can listen to it HERE.

Mike Salk: Matt's got the banged up wrist. I assume it's not going to keep him out of the game?"

Carroll: "Very good.  That's a good assessment. You are getting better. Matt had a very good report today after all the scans that they did. He does have a couple little things cracked in there. He managed through it. It's going to be an uncomfortable week for him, but he will be able to play. And we just have to do a good job of managing him through the week."

Carroll said Russell Okung is very close to returning. He said it would be a struggle for Colin Cole to make it back. Golden Tate and Michael Robinson are maybes.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the interview was Carroll talking about his decision-making on going for it on fourth down before the first half where Hasselbeck

"I didn't not want to go up 20 to 10," Carroll said. "I wanted to see if we could get a touchdown and not give them a ball back. I think I've said this before, it's just part of my nature. I've grown accustomed to being extremely aggressive on offense and always looking to push the envelope in these opportunities and to count on your guys to make it happen. That was really a very normal NFL decision to kick that football right there.

In retrospect, kicking the football would have been a great decision. It would been just fine to kick the ball and go up 20 to 10. ... But it was also a chance to take a foot and make it and then lets go at them and send the message to our guys that we can do this. Well we didn't get it done. We had a terrible quarterback sneak play and our quarterback gets pounded. If I could kick my own butt, I would have. It's my nature. I think when I can act on that nature and the way it feels in my gut and the way it has in the past, we are going to really have a ride. Right now, it isn't the right time yet.And later...

Think of it this way, when you convert those fourth downs it's like a turnover. It's just about like a turnover, particularly when you are out of field goal range. It's like you've gotten the ball all over again. It's enormously impacting for the other side. I do look at it that way and that's why I'm so inclined to go for it because it does make a big difference. But you gotta covert. You gotta hit it. We took a terrible snap right there and didn't get it done. It was totally, totally my fault.

We have the whole mechanism to corral me and I went against it anyway. There's almost a symbolic gesture that occurs to get me and its like, slap me in the face."