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Pete Carroll press conference: "We better be the same"

Really there wasn't anything new to report from the Pete Carroll's Monday press conference.

He pretty much said the same thing he said on the radio this morning.

"We have a great match-up coming up for us, going to New Orleans to play the Saints," Carroll said. "They're coming off a bye  and will be revved up and rearing to go. We better be the same because it's a very difficult situation to go into.

The loaner laptop I got from the TNT just erased an entire blog post. Here's the quick notes ...

  1. Matt Hasselbeck will play on Saturday. He has two small cracks in two small bones in his left wrist. He will a protective splint and Carroll said they will limit his activities in practice that could possibly aggravate the injury. The injury takes 4 to 6 weeks to heal, but the first week should be the most uncomfortable for Hasselbeck.
  2. Russell Okung worked out before the game, but Carroll said he still can't run without a limping on the sore ankle. He's been cleared to practice all week. But Carroll said they need to see more than just practice reps to clear. It could be a came-time decision.
  3. Brandon Stokley suffered a strained calf in Friday's practice, which kept him out. Golden Tate and Colin Cole are all on the "outside looking in" as far as returning.
  4. Carroll didn't find out about Raheem Brock's arrest on suspicion of DUI on early Saturday morning until after the game. He talked with Brock about it today, and the team is gathering information first before making any decisions or statements.