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Final: Saints 34, Hawks 19

No one really expected the Seahawks to compete in this one on the road against the defending Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints.

So the final score -- a New 34-19 win by New Orleans over Seattle -- should come as no surprise. Check out the final stats here.

Still, the defense looked overmatched again facing a talented quarterback in Drew Brees.

Seattle again gave up chunks of yardage in the running game on defense, as the absence of Colin Cole and Red Bryant is taking its toll.

And Seattle continues to struggle on third down -- both in getting off the field on defense and extending drives on offense.

So with Seattle at 5-5 and still on top at NFC West, what are your thoughts with where the team sits with six games left?

Do you like their chances to hold onto the lead for the remainder the season?

What are your thoughts on Marshawn Lynch and the two fumbles, and how should head coach Pete Carroll deal with that moving forward? Leon Washington replaced Lynch in the starting lineup for the rest of the game.

The Seahawks also have some injury concerns, with Marcus Trufant suffering a head injury and Mike Williams suffered an injured foot and left the game in the fourth quarter. Both those players will be evaluated further on Monday.