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Eric has a post-game blog cued up for his return from the locker room, and he touches on so many of the key points of this one.

In the interim: Although the pass blocking was good, will this team ever be able to run block with the current personnel? Were the Saints backs just that talented and powerful or was the problem contributed to by what appeared to be poor Seahawk tackling?

Still eager to hear about the decision to go for the field goal inside of five minutes left. Are you all scratching your heads?

In my advance column, I speculated that this game was a long-shot for the Hawks, but it would give them a very good barometer of how far away they are from the elite teams in the conference. I think it did exactly that. At least the fact that they could move the ball via the pass, without a legitimate run threat, would seem encouraging.

Eric will have updates on the Williams and Trufant injuries, but they have to be concerns. Still, with everybody else in the division losing, this one cost them no ground and they come home to face Kansas City on Sunday.