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Quick hitters from Carroll

Bullet points from Pete Carroll's press conference:

--The first thing he noticed from the film of the loss at New Orleans was the poor fundamental tackling by the team. He offered no theories on why the team did not do a good job of wrapping up ball carriers.

--He thought Drew Brees was "just fantastic ... fortunately we don't have to face Drew Brees again."

--The offense was playing well enough, especially quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, that he felt throughout most of the game that they had a chance to rally. He said that was part of why it was such a frustrating loss. But it also gave him some optimism that "we have a chance to keep getting better and benefit from this game."

--Receiver Mike Williams sustained a foot injury that might not be as bad as initially thought. He will be evaluated day-to-day, Carroll said. Guard Chester Pitts suffered an ankle sprain serious enough that they may have to hope Mike Gibson returns from his own ankle sprain, or that they would have to shift Tyler Polumbus from tackle to guard this week.Cornerback Marcus Trufant was diagnosed with a concussion and Carroll said he also will be evaluated on a daily basis.

--He was still bothered by the roughing penalty on Raheem Brock that sustained a New Orleans drive in the first half. Carroll felt that Brock made contact just as the pass was being made. "It was a huge play," he said.

--The absence of rushing the past two weeks, he said, was more an emphasis on the passing game than ineffectiveness. Hasselbeck's efficient play has "really livened up the attack," he said. The Seahawks still want to have a better run/pass balance, but stressing the passing game the past two weeks was the best approach against those opponents.

--He thought rookie left tackle Russell Okung played a strong game, especially for having missed so much time with injuries this season.

--Asked of Marshawn Lynch's fumbles, he said "he was trying really hard to make a couple extra yards." However, "this can't become an issue .... we've got to take care of the football."

--Injured defensive tackle Colin Cole could still be a couple weeks away from returning, he said. His absence, in addition to the loss of Red Bryant, has created manpower issues on the defensive front. The defense against the rush has suffered because of it.