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Morning links: Hawks off target in Red Zone

My story today focuses on the Seattle Seahawks inability to get into the red zone.

In the team’s past five games, the Seahawks offense has been inside the 20-yard line 21 times, and only has four touchdowns to show for it.

With a 32.35 percent red zone percentage, Seattle is second-worst in the league in those situations.

And the Seahawks are just as bad near the goal line, with 18 chances in goal-to-go situations for the season and just eight touchdowns to show for it, third-worst in the league.Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said his team needs to do a better job of running the ball near the goal line.

“We have to find our way to mix what we’re doing and we want to run the ball better when we have our opportunities, particularly when it’s one or two yards,” coach Pete Carroll said. “I don’t think it has anything to with a sense of urgency. It just has to do with preparation and our becoming legitimate in running the football when we need to – that hasn’t come to the surface yet.”

Rod Mar of has some great pictures of the Seahawks game in the Big Easy.

Clare Farnsworth of writes that Justin Forsett has been the rock in the backfield for Seattle with all of the turnover at running back since the offseason.

John Boyle of he Everett Herald says it’s time to change your perception in the Seahawks, and to be disappointed if they don’t win the NFC West.

Yahoo Sports Shutdown Corner runs this circular graphic showing the parity in the NFL.

Craig Morgan at CBS Sports offers another look at the NFC West as the worst division in the league.

Brian Burke of Advanced NFL Stats gives the Seahawks only a 29 percent win chance at home against Kansas City.

Kent Baab of the Kansas City Star says the Chiefs are still finding their identity as the team, and will continue to improve as quarterback Matt Cassel gets better.