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Tate eager to be back

Here's the lead item to the Seahawks notebook for tomorrow's print edition. Other items will include previously mentioned injury stuff, and a bit on which rookies fell for the old Free Turkey scam.

By Dave Boling

RENTON _ The broadcast kept running replays of Golden Tate’s injury, and showed his leg bending in a way usually reserved for race horses destined to be euthanized. By the time he hit the ground in that game at Oakland on Halloween, Tate was certain his season was over. “When it happened, I honestly thought I snapped my leg or my ankle,” Tate said. “I was sure I did something awful to it. So, in my mind, it was a blessing I came out with an ankle sprain.” Tate, the team’s second-round draft pick out of Notre Dame, was having a good game, with two catches for 36 yards after having caught just eight balls through the first six weeks of the season. “I had a decent game, and it was starting to click,” Tate said. “I was starting to feel good about myself, but then, boom … the injury.” But in the three weeks since, Tate feels as if he’s turned into something of an unofficial veteran. “The way I’m looking at it is, my rookie season is over,” he said. “This is like a new start, a new season, my second season. I’m going to try to do everything right, I’m listening, I’m going to be very coachable; I’m going to do everything it takes to get on the field as much as I can.” And that started with studying. “I took that time I was injured to really watch the guys, to study things: Why is Mike Williams catching 10-11 balls? That sort of thing. If I can study that, I’m better off. I wish (the injury) wouldn’t have happened, but in a way it was a good thing. I could watch, break things down, and see some things I hadn’t seen.” During a part of Thursday’s practice, for instance, veteran Brandon Stokley had Tate on the side and was showing him moves, gesturing with his hands. “That’s a guy you want to keep by your side and listen to,” Tate said. “There’s a reason he’s played this game (12 years) and has excelled. There’s some plays in practice where I would help myself if I wouldn’t have drifted, small things, things that make a difference. Things I can work on. “Another great thing is that Matt (Hasselbeck) has been willing to work with me on things, too. If there are things I need to work on, it’s nice to have guys around who are helping me.” With Mike Williams’ status in question because of a foot injury, and Stokley recovering from a calf injury, Tate’s return could be crucial for the Sunday game against Kansas City at Qwest Field. “It’s good to be back out on the field and running around again,” Tate said. “It feels good to be involved again and getting a chance to work on the things I need to.”