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Chiefs 42, Seahawks 24 -- Postgame rants and complaints

Well, just when it looked like the Seahawks might make it a game, the Chiefs remembered that they could run all day on the Hawks defense and Kelly Jennings had no chance of covering Dwayne Bowe. But other than that, everything was great.

The Seahawks have some serious questions to answer defensively. They simply got owned. They couldn't get off the field. And even when they did, the offense was anemic enough early on to put them right back out there.

The numbers are horrific.

KC had 505 yards of total offense. They rushed for 270 yards and threw for 233 yards and racked up 28 first downs.  They had the ball on offense for 41 minutes of the game. Seattle rushed for 20 yards.

1. Who gets your Least Valuable Player?

2. When was the last time you saw a Seahawks get manhandled up front this badly on both sides of the ball?

3. How much does Russell Okung's ankle issue concern you for this season and moving forward?

4. If you could make one personnel change with the players on hand, what would it be?

5. Looking at the games ahead, what do you see this team doin?

6. What was the most frustrating aspect of this loss/team?