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Williams a question mark for Carolina

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said as far as injuries from the game, center Chris Spencer got kicked in the left ankle but should be okay. Spencer has a bruised ankle.

Marcus Trufant made it back from his ankle injury and should be fine going forward this week. There was no mention of David Hawthorne’s chest injury, so we’ll find out if he practices this week.

Carroll said receiver Mike Williams will try and come back this week from his strained foot.

“We got to wait and see,” Carroll said about Williams. “Today they looked at him and there wasn’t a lot of improvement, so we’ve got to wait and see Tuesday until Wednesday. We’ll have to go day-to-day, and we’ll rest him until he’s ready to run fast, until he can really go. We’re not going to push him back on this thing until we get resolved.”

Carroll went on to say that the team would shoot to get him ready for Sunday’s game against Carolina, but ideally he would like to get Williams some practice time before putting him back on the field.

Michael Robinson also is expected to make it back from is hamstring issue.

Carroll also said they are trying to get defensive tackle Colin Cole going this week, but that he had a pretty severe high ankle sprain. I talked briefly with Cole in the locker room and he appears to be in good spirits.

“He’s not ready yet,” Carroll said. “He’s not ready to get up and going on that thing. But he feels it. He wants to get back, and he’s working real hard in rehab. And so we just have to wait it out.”

In terms of replacing the production of Cole and Red Bryant, Carroll said general manager John Schneider and his personnel staff is aware of what’s out there, but that they just have to get guys already on the roster better prepared to play on Sunday.

As far as where this team sits, Carroll said they told the truth, on “Tell the Truth” Monday at the team’s headquarters, with the usually upbeat head coach taking on a serious tone with his players.

“We had a very serious meeting today to get us on track,” Carroll said. “And we to start up again, and get going. So that’s what this week will be all about. We need to be very serious about it – our sense of urgency needs to be at its utmost, and I’m counting on that from these guys.”

Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck echoed those same sentiments when we talked to him afterward.

“I would say it was very honest and very serious, very blunt,” Hasselbeck said. “Our team meetings are always different; they’re never the same. Today was just basically say it how it is. It was good.

“It was a tough day all the way around. We came in – everyone came in. Guys that were hurt got treatment, and everybody got their lift in. We did some stuff on the field. We lifted weights. We ran. All through that time, the strength and conditioning coaches are talking to us, kind of getting the mindset right. We had a team meeting, and Pete laid it out. He showed some film, and showed some good stuff, too, it wasn’t just the bad.

“And basically he said, “He guys, I need you to believe in how good you can be.’ There was some good stuff. Special teams met, then the offense met. We met with the offensive coordinator. Our defense I’m sure met with the defensive coordinator. That was a tough meeting. Then we split up. We met with our position coaches got graded on every single thing, from pregame, to the night before, to stuff that happened on Wednesday and Thursday in practice.

“So it was a long day of work in terms of just getting everything straightened out. And just laying it on the table and saying it how it is.”