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Rams 20, Seahawks 3 -- postgame rant thread

Well, the road winning streak over the Rams has come to an end. And a lot of the good feeling surrounding the Seahawks has evaporated.

This was just an ugly, ugly game. The Seahawks were disjointed offensively. Matt Hasselbeck wasn't particularly good. The offensive line struggled, Marcus Trufant was clearly bothered by the injury and Russell Okung got hurt again.

Oh, and I didn't even mention the fake field goal fiasco, which was absolutely ludicrous.

1. Can you find any positives in this loss?

2. With a hat tip to Sando: If the Seahawks can't beat the Rams on the road, what team can they beat on the road?

3. Should they have played Russell Okung today?

4. After the fake field goal, are you starting to question some of Pete Carroll's in-game decisions?

5. Using logic and thought, who should start at quarterback against the Bears on Oc.t 17 and why?

As always ... with today's game, have your expectations surrounding this team and this division changed?