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Carroll Monday press conference

Some quick points:

Pete Carroll said that tackle Russell Okung did not reinjure his ankle, but was starting to get sore and was taken out after 26 plays. He will be ready to practice Tuesday.

After looking at the loss: "It just re-emphasizes how much work we have to do."

He listed several key letdowns: The defense gave up 100 yards on Rams screen passes. The Rams scored twice on 3rd-and-10 plays. "We should have stopped those and we're frustrated by it," he said.

Tuesday and Wednesday practices will be used for scheme and personnel re-evaluation, he said. It's an opportunity for some back-up players to practice with the first unit. As an example, he said that safety Lawyer Milloy would get some time off, and rookie Kam Chancellor would be seeing more time during practice.

He also added that backup quarterback Charlie Whitehurst would get more snaps this week ... but, no, that's not to say he's being checked out as the new starter at that position. Carroll stressed that Matt Hasselbeck remains the team's starting quarterback.

"It was a hard game for him," Carroll said of Hasselbeck. "He battled in there ... there was more pressure on the quarterback. I wish we would have done more things around him to help him. He can play better but we need to contribute around him better."

On the fake field goal that didn't work near the end of the first half: "We really thought we had something. We studied it hard, and they changed, they did a really nice job. At the time, it was really exactly what we wanted to do."

Marcus Trufant, Sean Locklear and Ben Hamilton were three he mentioned as players who would get light duty to rest this week. Rookie Dexter Davis (hamstring) has a first-degree strain.

Of offensive woes thus far: "We haven not been able to drive the football, and that's been disconcerting."

He liked what he saw of new receiver Brandon Stokley, and foresees a situation using both Stokley and Deion Branch in opposite slots in third-down packages.

He said he expected he would continue being aggressive with replay challenges until he finds himself in a situation where he needs one and doesn't have it.

Hasselbeck's three tipped passes, he said, were the result of Rams players not pressing the rush and timing their jump to block the passes. "It's something we definitely can fix." A general rule for offensive linemen block in the quick-passing series is to fire out low, which forces defenders to drop their hands.