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Marshawn Lynch in action

Okay, Wednesday's final bye-week practice did not include much contact or tackling, but Marshawn Lynch looked impressive nonetheless in his first workout with the Seattle Seahawks.

At 215 pounds, he's a lot thicker than the backs they've had recently. He started out working on the side with backs coach Sherman Smith, and taking handoffs from third quarterback Zac Robinson. He then took part in the back rotation with Justin Forsett and Leon Washington in team sessions. On one third-down play, he swung wide and nicely pulled in a pass and raced up the sideline.

He said afterward that he was a little tired, having flown in late last night. He did not expect it to take him long to get up to speed on the offense. Smith worked him out when he came out of college, and said he still has all the tools he had then, and might be a little bigger and stronger.

Lynch handled his media session afterward pretty well. Asked about his off-field issues that led to a three-game suspension, he said that those things are in the past and he learned from them. He said coach Carroll called him up in front of the team at the morning meeting, and then everybody just hooted at him ... kind of an ice-breaker that he said made him feel comfortable and a part of the team.

The team now gets off until Monday. While Lynch was the story of the day, the plays of the day all belonged to rookie receiver Golden Tate. Tate made four (4) catches that would have served as the play of the day. Two were in double coverage that he leaped up over and made the play. One was a spinning sideline grab in which he had to adjust to the ball, and the other was a reception that was deflected off defender Nate Ness.

More from Lynch and Sherman Smith in tomorrow's column