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Meet Marshawn Lynch, your newest Seahawk (updated 4:24 p.m.)

Marshawn Lynch spoke to reporters after practice. He was quite engaging, funny at times and contrite about his past, though he chose not to say much about it.

"I feel if you often revisit your past, you get stuck there," he said.

Here's some video shot by Joe Barrentine of the TNT

Of course he was asked about "Beast Mode" and what it is exactly.

"I’m pretty sure if you follow Seattle, I’ve given you a little taste of it already," he said.

You could say that, in the 2008 opener in Buffalo, Lynch rushed for 76 yards and a touchdown on 18 carries, and caught three passes for 18 yards. Just a hint.

"It’s just a state of mind that I follow," he said. "That  basically I won’t be denied. Just relentless about what I do – and that’s running that ball."

Want more?  Check out this video ...

Lynch was asked about head coach Pete Carroll and his past dealings with him in the Pac 10.

"Couldn't stand him," Lynch said laughing. "Straight up, I couldn't stand him. He's one of the coaches you see running up and down the field like he was playing in the game. He was running up, jumping and high-fiving with his players.  They were over there dogging us and we were sitting there watching them have all this fun. I was like,  'Man, what are they doing.  Run me to the sideline so I can hit him."

Of course, Lynch's opinion of Carroll is starting to change.

"I can probably get used to it now that we are on the same sideline," Lynch said.

Full transcript below

(On what his last 24 hours have been like) “A long flight from New York to Seattle – a good flight though.  So that’s pretty good.”

(On if he’s going to fly back during the bye or if he’ll stay here) “The plan for me right now is I’m back on the West Coast in a new system, trying to get acclimated, so I’ll probably hang around the facilities, meet a few guys, the ones that stick around because it is a bye week.  So (I’ll) just see how that goes but I really haven’t thought about it too much; it really hasn’t set in on me yet.”

(On if he was surprised the trade actually happened) “Yeah, and then just listening and talking to Buddy (Nix – Bills GM) about how I wasn’t going to be going anywhere so when it finally did happen, it was a big surprise, but at the same time, a little excitement as well.”

(On being back on the West Coast with former college teammate, Justin Forsett) “Justin Forsett is great, man.  I couldn’t have asked for anything more.  But being back out here, adjusting back to the time (difference) is doing it all over again for me.  That was something I had to do when I went back to Buffalo so just working with that time thing will take some time.”

(On his comfort level today working into the practice rotation) “I felt pretty good because I’m out on the football field and that’s one of the most comfortable places I’ll be.  I feel like I left my legs on the plane so it won’t be bad to maybe (during) these couple days off, I might be able to catch up with my legs.”

(On how he views this change) “I feel that this change is a great opportunity for me, in football and just in life, as well.  Everything that happened with me, I feel is an opportunity – the things that come out of it, just the way I handle it.  This is another one and I plan to handle this situation just as good as I handled the rest.  I say that because I’m still here standing.”

(On if he’s gotten used to his new number, 24) “Aw, man.  This isn’t a new number, man.  I just got reunited with it.  I was 24 in college so I just got reunited with it, that’s all.”

(On the several legal and off-field issues he had during his time in Buffalo) “Well, that was a thing of the past and I feel that if you often revisit your past, you get stuck there.  That’s not what I’m about.  I’m about moving forward so what happened in the past has happened.  Like I said, I grew from it.  That was an opportunity for me to grow and become a better person, which I did, so now I’m here in Seattle to show y’all that good person.”

(On what he considers his strengths) “The strength of my game?  Football.  Period.  Line me up anywhere on the field, I’m gonna get it done.  And if I don’t, I’m gonna try.”

(On other players talking up his abilities) “Aw, man, that’s them just being good guys.  Probably the guys you talked to were some of the guys I played with in college, as far as Brandon Mebane, Cameron Morrah, (Mike) Gibson, Justin (Forsett), you know and a couple guys that are still here (with the Seahawks) that played against me when they came up to Buffalo a few years ago, they got a taste of it already.  They know what I’m working with.  They might be able to tell you a little bit but for the most part, I’m just here to come in here and help the team accomplish some of the goals that they have, which I know are some of mine, and that’s winning.  I haven’t been fortunate in the past to do that so here’s another opportunity for me to go out and accomplish something I haven’t accomplished on this level yet.”

(On how he found out about the trade yesterday and his first reaction) “Well, when I first heard about it, I thought it was kind of a joke because I walked in the training room because I had just gone to an eye doctor and was getting some things cleared up and I was turning in my paper work to the trainers and the quarterback (Ryan Fitzpatrick) over there said as I was walking out, ‘Hey Marshawn! You’ve been traded!’  (I said,) ‘What?!’ He said, ‘Man, I just looked on my phone.’  I said, ‘Oh, is that right?’ Then it kind of just spread through.  Because in the facility over there, I didn’t get good service on my phone so I called my agent and he let me know and we just took it from there.”

(On hearing about it first from a teammate) “One of the quarterbacks – I thought it was a joke because he’s a joker over there, Fitz.”

(On not knowing with all the technology there is today) “Well, I don’t do Twitter, I don’t do Facebook.  I’m an old-school, prehistoric guy.  If they still made those, I’d probably get one of those instead of my cell phone.”

(On his self-given nickname, ‘Beast Mode’) “What can I tell you?  I’m pretty sure you follow Seattle and when we played you all I gave y’all a little taste of it already. But it’s just a state of mind that I follow, that basically I won’t be denied and I’m just relentless at what I do and that’s running that ball.”

(On if he feels ready to play right away) “I’m just practicing in a new facility and everything so I’m pretty good to go.”

(On when the ‘Beast Mode’ idea came about) “It came about back in Pop Warner but it was called, ‘Man-Child.’  It was a little something different.  As I got to college, it kind of transformed as I kind of took it to another level.”

(On how different the scheme is here) “Well, with the zone scheme, it’s pretty much what I ran in Buffalo.  With football, there’s not too much difference as far as running the ball.  Just the different terminology that they use is something that I’m going to have to adjust to.  But with those guys, Leon (Washington) and Justin (Forsett), they’ll be able to catch me up to that real quick.”

(On what he thought of opposing coach Pete Carroll while in college) “I couldn’t stand him, straight up, I couldn’t stand him.  He was one of the only coaches you would see running up and down the field like he was playing in the game.  Running up, jumping and having fun with his players.  They were over there dogging us and you just sit there watching them have all this fun (thinking), ‘Man, what is he doing? Run me to that sideline so I can hit him one time.’  But I always just thought he was a fun guy, somebody that liked to have fun and liked to win, which he’s had a career of doing, winning.”

(On if he likes it that he’s on the same sideline as Carroll now) “Yeah, I could probably get used to it now that I’m on the same side.”

(On what Carroll said to him when they first saw each other this morning) “When I came in, he just told me he was glad to have me here and he is ready to get this thing on the road.  But I’ll make sure to tell you, he didn’t pull no punches.  He got me in front of the group, first thing he did, (he said), ‘We want to hear something from someone, their story, something that’s near and dear to them,’ and he asked the group, ‘Who do we want to hear from?’  They said, ‘I want to hear from Marshawn.’  So I get up there and first thing I’m like, ‘Well, first of all-’  ‘Ah we don’t want to hear that, sit down!’  So he broke the ice for me right off the bat.  It was just a welcoming feeling that I had.  So right of the bat, I felt like, ‘I’m here, let’s get it going.’”