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Seahawks 23, Bears 20 -- Postgame Kool-Aid party

Wow, I'll admit that this an unexpected win for me. Nothing that I'd seen from Seattle suggested that they would go in and play the way they did. It's very impressive. The Hawks won on the road in an early game and looked pretty good doing so. It was their first road win outside of the division since 2007.

Of course, it wasn't dull. And of course, it can't be easy. But it's a win. Yes, Jon Ryan should have never punted to Devin Hester and his ribcage paid the price. But overall, that's a good of a win as the Hawks have had in the last few season.

1. Be honest, did you see this win coming?

2. What are your thoughts on Marshawn Lynch after seeing him with the Hawks?

3. Were you the least bit surprised that Devin Hester returned that punt for the touchdown?

4. Lots of candidates, but who gets your game ball and why?

5. As always, based on the addition of Lynch, the progress of Okung, how have your expectations changed after this win?