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Carroll impressed with Okung's performance

It’s Victory Monday here at the VMAC, which means Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll gave his players today and tomorrow off as a reward for the team’s impressive win at Chicago on Sunday.

But even though Carroll’s excited about his team’s breakthrough victory on the road, he understands the time for celebration has passed and his team has to start preparing for Arizona.

“We’re proud of that, but that’s already gone,” Carroll said. “And so we’re getting ready now to start working on the Arizona game coming up, and looking forward to that one.”

Carroll said after looking at the film that rookie Russell Okung played well against Chicago, doing a nice job of matching up against Chicago defensive end Julius Peppers and also getting down field on running plays.

“He did really well,” Carroll said. “He played a very good football game. He got tossed around a little bit early, and then he settled in and played very consistent in pass protection. He did a nice job on the run. He had a good game. So he’s really back now, and it’s still so young, so early in his play time. But he came through in a big way.”

As far as injuries are concerned, Carroll said that Kelly Jennings (hamstring), Jon Ryan (ribs) and Dexter Davis (hamstring) are all sore and will be questionable for Sunday’s game, although Carroll later said he expected Ryan to be ready for Arizona on Sunday.

“They’re all muscle strains,” Carroll said. “It’s nothing so definitely that we’ll know exactly where they stand for a couple days. But they all obviously couldn’t finish and we’ll just have to wait it out.”

Olindo Mare is the backup punter if Ryan can’t play on game day.

Carroll also said that Forsett had an impressive game, particularly in pass protection.

As far as Mike Williams’ performance on Sunday, Carroll said since he’s known the big receiver from their USC days, that’s what he expects from him. Carroll also said Williams and Matt Hasselbeck are developing a nice rapport on the field.

“I know Matt really feels connected to Mike and he finds him,” Carroll said. “And he knows that big target it out there waiting for him, and those guys are hooking up.

Carroll also met with former President Bill Clinton today, who’s in town campaigning for local democratic candidate Sen. Patty Murray. You can see a picture of the two here. Clinton wrote a blurb for Carroll’s book, and the two are friends.

“I met the president awhile back in Southern California,” Carroll said. “He was down for a speech and we got to visit. And so we’ve communicated a little bit back and forth, and he was kind of enough to contribute to the book and all of that.

“We invited him to practice knowing that he was coming to town and he couldn’t make it, and so they called this morning and said he was going to be available, and so we just jumped together and hung out for a little while. It’s a great honor.”