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Seahawks 22, Cardinals 10 -- the war of attrition has ended

Obviously, it was an ugly game. The Cardinals gift wrapped this win in the form of Max Hall and awful, awful special teams play, and yet the Seahawks really didn't do a good job of capitalizing on them. They had two scoring drives of negative yards. The number of penalties were a joke and yet they still won thanks to the effort of Mike Williams and a pretty stout defense that was playing without Brandon Mebane.

With the win and losses from the Niners and Rams, the Hawks sit alone atop the NFC West with a 4-2 record. It's the first time they held first alone since 2007.

1. Be honest, how frustrating was this game at times? What was your most frustrating moment?

2. Who gets your game ball as game MVP for Seattle? No, you can't give Max Hall a game ball.

3. Opposite of that who was the LVP for the Hawks? There are plenty of candidates.

4. Now at 4-2 going into next weeks' game against Oakland, how much has this team met or exceeded your expectations.

5. Looking at the landscape of the NFC West, the upcoming games and what you've seen today, do you feel like the Hawks should win the division? And what will their record have to be to do so?

Bonus question: Using appropriate language, how much do you dislike Darnell Dockett and the way he plays?

[caption id="attachment_8384" align="alignleft" width="480" caption="Seattle\'s Raheem Brock and Chris Clemons celebrate a sack against Arizona at Qwest Field Sunday, Oct. 24, 2010. Joe Barrentine/Staff photographer"] [/caption]