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Pete Carroll postgame press conference: "What an interesting football game."


(Opening... ) This was an interesting game. What an interesting football game. We had so many chances, and we left so much on the field today in terms of points. It's great to get the win, and we had a lot of fun in the locker room about it, and there's a lot of good things happened, but we have so much room for improvement, and that's really exciting, because we can get better.

Really good solid football game by the defense, played really long all day long; I don't know what the Third Down numbers were, but there were pretty good again. We weren't as effective on the run as we wanted to be, but the coverage guys did a good job. They ran a bunch of routes today, and I was real pleased with all of that. I thought they finished really well; not letting them get down the field in the last couple of sequences when they had chances to.

Offensively, we ran the football ok; we're getting better. We probably lost 60 or 70 yards in this game, maybe that's not right, but it seemed like it on a couple of penalties on the edge that don't need to happen. We had a couple of holds that shouldn't be there. I thought Marshawn and Justin again did a really nice job of one-two punching it. Both guys were effective, and both guys were exciting to watch play for us. That's a really important aspect of what's going on as we come together here, as we approach the midpoint of the season.

You can't talk about this game without talking about Olindo. What in the heck was that? What, did he make 9 field goals today, and only 5 counted. Is that what it was? It was crazy what happened on the edge today; I think after they jumped early, we got a little out of sorts and we over-committed, and we got the hold a couple of times on the edge rushers. They're really good at it, but we didn't need to do that. But, Olindo kept banging them home. He's such a stud, come-through guy; I'm just so proud of him. That's as difficult as you can get. That never happens in a game, to have that many chances and re-kicks. And he just kept banging them home, so that was a fantastic showing for him, and for us, and keeps his stature as being a guy you can really count on and totally attack.

One of the guys that showed up today that was really special was Mike. I thought that Mike Williams played a great football game. He just didn't make some of the touch catches, he made a couple of great catches today. The touchdown catch was a great one. On the sidelines in front of us on the back shoulder throw; a great one. Down in close, was another great grab with guys all over him. He played tough, he played physical and he came through in a big way, and Matt really loves going to him. That's becoming a real solid aspect of our offense, and I'm really fired up for Mike. To come back and catch 20-something balls in the last couple weeks, that's coming back. I'm excited for him.

It's a very good win here, again at Qwest. I love that we can the juice; we had 5 turnovers today. The ball just keeps coming out and going the way we want it to. It's just unfortunate that we just didn't come through in the red zone offensively today. A lot of points left out there, but a very good win for us.

(On the issues in the red zone...) Just, different stuff. We had a couple of plays called back. I wish it was that easy to tell you; we just weren't effective, we didn't get our stuff done. They're a good defense, and they cover you up, and they do a lot of stuff that they do coverage wise, and they did cover us at times. The protection was actually pretty good; Matt had a chance to look and look and we couldn't get loose with the routes. And he'll tell you that he missed a couple of checkdowns and things like that, but all in all we just didn't get it done, and that's obviously going to kill you. This game could have been a real big game for us today with all of the turnovers. But, it's a huge benefit for us to come in, and for some reason we just keep getting the ball when we're here. We need to take some of those on the road with us, and we'll if we can figure that out in the weeks ahead.

(On the emphasis on throwing the ball early...) Jeremy felt really confident in throwing the football, and Matt was really getting it going, and the protection was there and we were able to kind of hunt and peck our way down the field, and it was really good execution by our quarterback. Of course, Mike made a few big plays and Deon Butler had one, and a lot of guys contributed, but that was part of it. Justin Forsett, a couple of big wins on third down situations there, too; he's a really focus guy, we try to get him open and he did it. I thought we threw the ball really well and that's why we got moving in those sequences.

(On getting on the offensive line a little bit...) There was too much jawing going on out there. We were wasting a bunch of energy. That's totally out of our realm of focus, that's not what we're dealing with, it's not how we want to play, and we even got penalized in there somewhere. We don't do that. We don't act that way, we don't operate that way because we don't have enough energy as it is to do it right, so we certainly can't give them a bunch. I don't know, I didn't get to see the penalty on Raheem Brock, but I thought that was an interesting one. I think he did one of the all-time flops, and was trying to draw the foul. I don't know what happened on that one. It was a poor day for us in terms of penalty situations, and some really unusual ones, I thought, today.

(On the injury to Russell Okung....) Russell sprained his other ankle. It's not as bad as the last one, but it's so unfortunate. He just gets going and he's such a big part of what we're doing. Tyler did a good job of going in for them, but that's not what we want. We want to see [Okung] out there playing for us, so we're going to miss him for a bit; I don't know how long it's going to take. He doesn't have the same severity as the other one, but it's kind of the same sprain; so very, very unfortunate. Also, Mike Robinson got banged up a little bit, and couldn't finish the game for us at fullback. It changed us some, and that's part of what you were alluding to there; we did get out of some packages because we didn't have a fullback that was ready to go. That changes us a little bit.

(On running the ball well early, did losing Russell affect things...) It's a little wait and see. We might have lost our thought that we could stay with it, because he wasn't in there more than actually having him. But, we'll have to wait and see the film.

(On how much better Mike Williams can get...) Well, I don't know; he's caught 20 balls in 2 weeks; that's pretty good. This is play that doesn't surprise me about Mike. This is the way I felt Mike would always play when he got to the league, because he's not doing things that I have not see him do before. I'm thrilled for him that he's gotten the chance and he's answered the call and he's coming through and helping us win football games, but what you're looking for now is consistency. He came back with a big game, 10 catches last week, and then he has an even bigger game this week; I don't know what the yardage was, but he caught 11. It's up to Mike to keep staying with it. He doesn't have to do anything special, he just keeps staying with it, and staying on it, which he is absolutely determined to do. He has a great mindset right now, and he has a great relationship with the quarterback.

(On what trait he saw in Williams that other NFL teams did not...) Well, I saw him at 230 pounds, I didn't see him at whatever else he was. I saw him coming off of 6 or 7 months of working out in the regimen that got him raw and physically right and ready to take on anything. We are the beneficiaries of Mike kind of changing his world around. I don't think many guys were thinking that Mike was going to make a comeback, and I have to tell you the truth, I didn't know if he was, either. But, once he showed us, we said, shoot, this is kind of what we always thought he could be, and let's just wait and see what happens. I've waited for this point, and I think that Mike has really arrived. I think he is ready to play football in a big way. He's proven that to me, and now, he has to maintain consistency; like any player, it's how long can you do well. Anybody can come up and down that mountain, and so we'll see how he does.

(On how Mike Williams influences the play calling...) It certainly does; you're going to him, and looking to him. He made some grabs today that very guys will make. DBs were hanging all over him, but he wouldn't let them get to the football. Even the ball he catches out of bounds was a heck of a catch on the fade down by the goal line. He had about 4 catches today that I thought were marvelous plays. The good thing is that Matt is giving him those chances by believing in him; that's a great receiver/quarterback relationship started up.

(On the importance of a division win...) We didn't even mention it all week. We didn't even talk about it. I didn't talk about it after the game, either. I love being in first place, but it doesn't mean anything right now. To me, it's like the BCS; it doesn't matter right now, it's how you finish. It's nice, but I never even mentioned it.

(On Colin Cole...) I didn't notice in the mess in the line of scrimmage. I'm sure he didn't make too many tackles down field. That's great that he's helping us. He's been playing very solid football, and most of the runs that happened today were on the perimeter, they were all edge runs. So, it's good to hear that he was that active.

(On the defense overall...) I was disappointed, because there were 3 runs that got out that didn't need to make any yards at all. They were worth about 30-40 yards in there. It was just kind of how they had done it, as well. We prepared for the ball to bounce outside on the edge, and we didn't get it done. We didn't come through there like we had hoped. They are a good, physical running football team. That's a good offensive line, and they're tough. This was a very physical football game, and you could see it in their starting running backs, who are really hard-nosed guys. They brought it today, I thought they were really good.